Friday, March 6, 2009


Someone is jealous because I hang out with a boy!! The boy that I hang out with is my friend from elementary and I hooked him up with my friend!! I have a boyfriend!! This girl is jealous of me because I he rather hang out with me then her!! Why is she jealous of me for, I ain't his girlfrind!! She wants to make up rumors telling his girlfriend that I was all over him during labs!! Yeah whatever!! She has a girlfriend!! I DON'T TALK ABOUT HER MESSING AROUND WITH GUYS!! Atleast my boyfriend doesn't have to make boys promise him that they won't date me!! SO SCREW HER!! If she's suppose to be lesbian why date a guy when they break up and go back out with her girlfriend after!! SHe's so dumb!! But whatever, it's not my fault she makes herself look like a dirty tuna!! SO SHE NEEDS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT SHE WANTS!!


  1. Dear sierra, i really love this little artical that you wrote !!!!!!! it makes me every happy!!!!=]=] i <3 you peace out!!!!!

  2. sierra i love it :D amennnn gosh. haha -rachelll