Friday, February 6, 2009


I have a 2 year old male dog named Rhody. He loves to cuddle, smell crotch, and ass. He doesn't bark at cats, dogs or people when he walks past them, only at people approaching our door. He likes to choose his days to take a crap outside or inside the house. He is very friendly with kids and meeting new people. He is a very healthy and active dog. He is a great watch dog. Even though he doesn't know how to shit outside, I still love him. He is very intertaining. I love watching him chase his tail around in circles. He's a great cuddler. I guess its a love hate situation.


  1. i love ya, Sierra-Tyreese.
    BFFF =]

  2. I hope you enjoy this class. Kumu Feki is a great teacher and I know you will be enjoy learning in this class. I look forward to reading more of your posting on this blog and your future blog.